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Find relationships through group

Only the balance between veteran and new young members to bring performance to the group relations.

Having been a member of seasoned professional capture important than people have a wide network of contacts.

Many people believe that joining the group referral or networking group is suitable only for young people aspiring. However, some studies do not support this view. Results of the survey of members of the relations group from the St. Thomas University (USA) has shown that, 74% of those surveyed have their own business establishments, but 33% of which were over 50 years old and only 10% are under 30 years old.

Ivan Misner, Founder and Chairman of BNI, the businesses connection organization, which was awarded the title "father of the modern connection field" by CNN that have the head office at the USA, said: "From the real data past experience as well as personal observations over 20 years, I believe that the experience of seasoned entrepreneurs as object detection and get the best long-term interests of the marketing strategy is based on the suggestion, gender from prestigious guide ".

The recruitment of members has always played an important role for any public relations group. Having been a member of seasoned professional capture important than people have a wide network of contacts.

Mr. Misner evidenced by the story of a group of selected members. Another guest who introduced himself as the senior coaching has entered the field of advertising, is in the testing stage and wants to join a communication group with the hope of which will get the first client.

Head commission of this group was so excited when looking at the huge network of her relations. However, the question is whether the group can confidently recommend this coach to the members while not know her real possibility? In this case, the apparent ability to enroll a "novice" greater than the benefits can be obtained from a wide network of contacts.

Note that, a group of efficient relations should develop a balance between the amounts of veterans with new members. Group consists of seasoned members can act sluggish, because the majority of members have crossed the stage of starting a business so often afraid to face something new. However, only full members of youth groups tend impracticable in action.

Only the balance group, combined success between young people with the veteran can operate effectively. But even lacking of the experience, young members are always excellently mission and get the confidence of a veteran. Moreover, under the tutelage of a veteran, the young members as conditions of his skill more sensitive hearing, accumulated abundant practical experience.

Meanwhile, on the part of the group relations and the senior members, they also received many suggestions introduce advanced personnel from other companies. Obviously this is a win-win solution for all.


Source: NCDT


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