Set IT in the management system

At the end of 20th century, the early 21st century, the science and technology in the world has made the great leap. The development of biotechnology, materials technology, energy technology and information technology has made dramatic changes in human society. The development of new science and technology has created a new economy- the knowledge economy. It is the economies that produces, disseminates and uses knowledge is the most decisive factor for economic growth, wealth and improve the quality of life. In “the world is Flat”- Friedman has pointed out the causes and the ways which globalization is booming with tremendous speed makes the world without “ hard” borders but only “ soft” boundaries, this is one of the reasons that is cause of leap development of information technology.

With the storm development of information technology science, the enterprise is “benefit” after timely apply the technology solutions for operations and enterprise administration. Today, during the period of intensive competition, we have a solution to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise.

In the daily operations of the enterprise, which if the enterprise want to be productive, they have to exchange the information anytime, anywhere and the data must be accurate and security. Therefore, you must set up the information system. Information systems are all the component and resource need to deliver the information to the work of the enterprise. The information technology is the processing of information technology: hardware, software, and network and data management method.

Why does business need the information system? What are the benefits if the enterprise establishes the information system? (1) Automatic job done faster, (2) Learn how to organize work better, (3) The assistance strategy will be conducted in the smarter way.

In the development trend of management science and information technology, the inevitable has combined the two sciences together as “twins” –“land with trees”, lack of land, trees will stop breathing, and lacks of trees, land do not know how to live with. Therefore, in the academic world as well as in Viet Nam has established training programs “the information technology system in management”. In terms of practical system at enterprise, the information technology is the tool of management system. Information technology system must be compatible with management system, especially “application software”.

The senior manager should aware that: information system plays an important role in the operation of the enterprise. However, it should be understood that: to establish information systems in management, it is necessary to establish management system first, and then set the information system in accordance with the management system. In other words, management system will be compatible with the information system. In fact, many senior managers are aware of the importance of information system and information system is applied to their system. However, they are not yet fully recognized by the logic of the system, they do not know what is set first. They wonder is that management system or information technology system for their business. But that software is non-compatible with the management systems, the software can not be used. Therefore, that is wasting the resources of the enterprise but investment purposes are not achieved.

From our experience from the field of providing management consultant services in recent years, to meet the requirements of the Vietnamese business community, INLEN be done to provide software applications to meet the requirements of enterprise, especially the proprietary software of INLEN, encoded on the methods and technologies of INLEN.

We hope that these software applications which will accordance with the actual needs. In case you have the other needs, we are willing to exchange, analyze needs and design the software according to your needs.

INLEN wishes there was collaboration with your company to contribute to improvement of the management system and strengthen the sustainable development of your company.

Blessing your company always perpetual development!

The process of setting the management system by IT system:




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