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Herb Kelleher

Herb Kelleher - former Chairman of Southwest Airlines with practical experience in his management career, outlined rather fully work – out knowledge system of business culture. That contribute to enrich the management knowledge of humanity and make the theoretical issues of cultural management becomes reality, closer and more easily available to those who come after.

1.    Cultural is the property that cannot be replaceable

The success of the business is sustainable or not, thanks to the enterprise culture of its very specific. Besides capital, business strategy, the strength of corporate culture was entrenched into each employee, making up the difference between the enterprise and competition. That difference is reflected in the intangible assets such as employee loyalty, the atmosphere of the business as a small family. The bureaucracy was repelled and no longer exist, remove the dilatory in the process of discussion and management decision. The confidence of employees in the decisions and policies of the enterprise, the team spirit in every activity of the enterprise…

Corporate culture has brought the important competitive advantage. Lack of funds the business can borrow, lack of manpower the enterprise could recruit, lack of market may gradually extended, the competitors may imitate and go buy everything exists but cannot imitate or go buy the dedication, devotion and loyalty of every employee in the enterprise. Meanwhile, the corporate culture make a difference and be a competitive advantage. Such as Southwest Airlines verge of a crisis, as President - Herb Kelleher has called for people to find ways to save the company enough $ 5 / day. Responding to that call, the staff was eagerly done, just 6 weeks has saved $ 2 million. From here, Kelleher had said: the small company thinking is not just a temporary management philosophy, which is the way of life has instilled in its culture from the first day. And, we are very difficult to change something if enterprises lack a spirit and their culture. Herb Kelleher's philosophy was affirmed by Peter Drucker: if the business needs to replace the business as a feature property to make the difference with the competition. Therefore, to build and use their own culture is the origin make the difference and the win road in the marketplace. However, Herb Kelleher also emphasized that, we not only build the pure enterprise culture. That it is important to translate cultural values into profit, into awareness and as part of the price value of each employee and team leader.

2.    Recruit the staff under the corporate culture

To ensure the construction and maintenance of its cultural enterprises should recruit people sharing, friendly attitude, enthusiasm and sense of humor. The business should learn from the experience of Southwest Airlines. When this group recruit the personnel at all levels are focused on the following 7 basis points: 1) The attitude shared, 2) Enthusiasm, 3) Ability to make decisions, 4) Team spirit, 5) Ability to communicate, 6) Confidence 7) These skills can take action.

Herb Kelleher said: If you is an extroverted and conscientious, wants to be cared for others, and love to work in groups to make sure we'd have you. If he was like a closed and more constrained, like enjoying a strict regime is not flexible, like being in an environment managed mainly by the rules and regulations, it does not mean he a bad person, but maybe he did not fit (culture - TG) us.

When the corporate culture was shaped, the pressure on the management of the Board Director will be reduced thank to the sharing of subordinates. The employees, who were assigned by the Director, know how to manage and handle everything in the difficult situations.

In the organization environment that the involved people really share with each other, the Director no need to manage anymore. That is an important aspect of culture managing & managing by culture.

3.    Develop a culture based on job performance

Creating corporate culture based on work performance is one of Herb Kelleher explore. According to him, at Southwest Airlines, the individual is treated in terms of human, not as an employee. What we are trying to convey is that "we value you as well as others, does not depend on what you're doing here."

Herb Kelleher made 14 tips to build corporate culture

First, focus on the world of the competitors, customers and the sociable changes instead of focusing on the office world or sometimes focusing in the futile efforts for all the types of applications, rituals and procedures.

Second, do not use an onion that make an orange. Please reduce the number of management levels from high to low in the Company.

Third, reduce to the maximum the standing committee in the enterprise. Please set up a temporary group of people only really relevant to address specific issues, and dispersed them after completing the task.

Fourthly, there is no profound knowledge that only a wise decision. Do not waste too much time on analysis, research, discussion and planning (in order to avoid the risk of making decisions). Take your time and set deadlines for decision-making of a certain problem.

Fifth, ask managers and individuals responsible for real working time (not just stand supervision) with employees and customers and to report what they have done, learned and what they intend to do with their knowledge gained.

Sixth, see all the documents include the report on funds are simply the white paper with the black ink. These documents will not benefit anything unless they have information to bring the decisions to implement and suspend a meaningful activity or these documents can be changed.

Seventh, should avoid the rigid rules and heavy instruction manuals that were set up to regulate the smallest details of business life and in the customer relationships. Instead of relying the enterprise value was instilled and approved to regulate the activity.

Eighth, be a real intellectual. Please evaluate the comments based on their real value rather than on the relationship, status or achievement of those proposals to them and encourage people to express their opinions directly to senior management.

Ninthly, assign to the manager on duty to address some issues within the different areas instead of areas under their direct responsibility and enabling employees a chance to learn the experiences of others. The result could be the spirit of learning on the job, sympathy and solidarity to be enhanced.

Ten, let's focus on the nature of the problem instead of the inevitable.

Eleven, to have an overall strategic plan, rather than a plan or general direction in the long term. Please use the strategy plan as a benchmark rather than the Bible, and then apply an agile and flexible operations within that plan.

Twelve, to get a clear position and acceptable in the market, enterprises must be prepared to overlook some profitable opportunities and then leave the market segment is not significant.

Thirteen, to be humble, approachable and ethical. Lead by devotion, not greedy, not discrimination, be fair, be sure, but never petty, be happy, closer to people, to forgive sins and accept take risks and share the sacrifice.

Fourteen, must always remember that the mission of the corporation provide that serves everyone in the following statement, not in the back.

4.    Corporate culture in managing people

As someone who has experience in creating business culture, Herb Kelleher gave 11 factors in managing staff need to note relating to the culture of enterprise, include:

First, let's recruit people with good attitudes than those who have bad attitudes (including those that have experienced a high degree of expertise and superior).

Secondly, training people in two areas: Leadership and customer service.

Thirdly, there must be a customer representative positions in the most senior officials in the enterprise. This person will be updated on all plans and ideas that affect the customers from inside and outside the enterprise.

Fourthly, let people be themselves at work, showing his true personality without mask work or have to worry about petty things related to rituals and procedures in business Industry.

Fifthly, immediately welcoming the achievements that employees of business achieve, celebrated important milestones in the personal life of each employee to an engagement, wedding, birthday, baby and many other occasions ... interested in sharing with employees when they are sick or when lost loved ones, meet the disaster event or other in their lives. In short, let's cherish our employees in terms of normal human beings and not just their subordinates.

Sixth, a clear outline of what the business intends to do and the reasons for people to engage in such work, but do not let them just a bystander, be noble purpose of the enterprise towards.

Seventh, solve every problem of staff individually, timely and specific, even a mental problem of concern to those involved.

Eighth, through exemplary form, the greeting ceremony and the forms of communication to express the respect of the outstanding case both spiritually and act, building pride in achievements along with heart always thinking about others, remember that the value of intangible difficult to imitate mean far more important than the tangible value can afford.

Ninthly, the positions and titles are not important, the quality of management is what makes sense of all. Anybody, whatever his position or titles can also be a leader through his actions.

Ten is, to communicate emotional important than rational communication and intimate conversations are important, much less sedate talks. Furthermore, communicating the purpose, meaning, emotion, inspiration and emotion just as important as the presentation of the figures and events.

Eleven is, if he is not enthusiastic with what he is doing and is not enthusiastic with the colleagues, he will not be able to light up their minds, their hearts warm and urged them to devote so a common ideal.

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