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Things to keep in mind when working with discerning investors

To avoid the following traps, young entrepreneurs will have to pay attention to the range of investment could bring losses or profits, bring satisfaction to investors right from the start-up period. Some attention to the young entrepreneurs to start entrepreneurship.

  1. The business plan is immature. There is nothing worse than to walk into a meeting involving financial issues that were not thoroughly prepared. If you have not invested sufficient time and effort to draw up a business plan with all the essentials, such as a compelling job description business, the financial projections and the competitive market analysis, whether your business plan are successful, the investor will not spend for you the priority.
  2. Focusing too much on the immediate content that too little attention to the strategic direction. It does not suffice if only to convince the potential capitalists that you will invent an essential tool for life or an idea of a fashion store. You also need a team can generate revenue to repay loans or to articulate the strategy for investors. Many budding entrepreneurs forget the second part.
  3. Let investors know that you're hiring an excellence sales staff, a skilled marketer, an accounting department with appropriate experience ... and even some outside experts such as law or trade consultants can provide important guidance in business.
  4. Does not require the full amount. Many research results show that many small and medium enterprises out failing because begin with too little capital. Often young entrepreneurs do not realize that they need to calculate the loan should be sufficient to help businesses overcome the worst situation.
  5. There are too many investors or lenders. One of the hazardous conditions from getting investment from financial sources is to take care myriad relationships and the different expectations. It makes young entrepreneurs time consuming, not to focus on the work of his own doing. Sometimes the partners to compete with each other to win more profitable results.
  6. Without a legal consent form properly, it can be seen as an important issue, even more than the implementation of pre-nuptial contract on private property of wealthy couples. Every lender or investor finally wants to have interest from the money that they spend. A text has legal nature contained all relevant issues can help you avoid the troubles in the future.
  7. Poor cash flow management. Many young entrepreneurs to spend novice quickly clean all the money they have and will never achieve good business condition. The fundamental flaw is they spending money for unnecessary things or estimates of earnings too optimistic. The main sponsors are not gentle with poor management style. And once they ended funds, the business efforts would dissipate in smoke.

Besides, there are many other mistakes to avoid, but short, remember to take the following basics: Working with the principle coherently, with investors so that they agree to spend for your wallet, but also should know to deftly protect themselves by using borrowed money is very reasonable.

(by Saga)


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