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Research is the process of observing phenomena in order to develop new knowledge. Thus to study effectively, the author must understand the old knowledge; There is the observation of phenomena; Compare and propose new knowledge and comment on the application of new knowledge in different fields. The data in the study was the number, name, group ...; Information is a combination of data that describes an event or phenomenon; Knowledge is knowledge of a person.

Currently there are two types of research is the study of academic and applied research, including academic research with the goal of developing a theory, the result is theorized, models, new arguments; As for applied research aimed at applications in practical and theoretical results are based on the theory given effective solutions.


Scientific research is a survey or systematic surveys. The word "system" here means that the work whether in the form was done according to standard procedures.


Standard procedure in the scientific study of 8 steps:

                1. Questioning research;

                2. Gather information current;

                3. Set theory, experiment and collect data;

                4. Data Analysis;

                5. Interpret analysis results;

                6. Publication of the results;

                7. Re-test the hypothesis.

In this process, the method plays an important role, because the method of operation decided that science and non-science. A method collects the data if that method approaches science-based theory, assumptions, reliability and accuracy.


To implement the model Institute and closely linked research with practical applications of Management Consulting and Training Vietnam Business community and the ASEAN region. Through implementing the management consulting project and training and with the practical interactive process at enterprise, INLEN discovered the reality phenomena, so that we poses questions research, and application of theory to provide optimal solutions and efficiency for enterprises, or completion, additional methodologies and tools, there is a scientific basis, so that an enterprise applies with the feasible result.


From modeling links between research and application, INLEN will implement the service to guide Master's thesis, and PhD in the field of trade for all individuals, the research students in need. During the Master's thesis research, especially doctoral and graduate students will have the opportunity to attend seminars - joint academic events at INLEN , and scientific papers in the workshop (the conditions to defend his doctoral thesis), will be evaluated and posted on the forum and magazine of Inlen by the council's expert.

Through the study and application of Consulting and Training Business Management at the Enterprise, INLEN will compile the books in the field of trade with actual case studies that the Company has provide, and the measures taken to provide publishing community Vietnam enterprises have participated Data see, learn and share experiences with others in business administration and his business.


At the same time to meet the study needs through the book of administrators, office workers in Vietnam business community, INLEN will choose the books or the essence of humanity and the world, to publish through forms of cooperation, or Publishing franchise to help individuals and enterprises equipped Entrepreneurial 

Unlike other scientific works which the author explore and solve the new problems by himself in principle in science, which promises to open up new paths for science. The Master's thesis, Ph.D. is the work to be completed under the direction of another person so it reflects the limited scientific degree of PhD thesis. Master's thesis, Ph.D. is the scientific work can accomplish under the direction, and in the vision, understanding of the science instructor, demonstrate a new level of creativity to the limit of fellows. PhD thesis work is not to create new results, in principle, go beyond time.

Guide the thesis is to introduce the right path, the right direction, how to properly conduct research and write a thesis, show the right things to complete the thesis.

Guide is to identify the direction as well as those things which proceed to specific jobs and have close ties to complete the thesis.

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  • The science research projects, scientific articles in the fields of management, business - injured by the experts of the company INLEN research, or research students are guided by the expert of INLEN, will be the announced for enterprises to learn and apply under the agreement to transfer the Company's INLEN.

    The bookshelf in the field of management is compiled as books, textbooks and materials practices by the experts and scholar of INLEN Company… from the practical experience in the process of consulting and training in the enterprise, to provide level of knowledge, and management tools and the lessons learned on governance practices, effective business for Vietnam business community to apply, to succeed in their career.

    Administration bookcases were selected to publish in forms of cooperation, or publishing franchise of copyright owners, from that point the administrators can equip themselves with the important knowledge and the latest in the leader’s career.

    INLEN is promoting cooperation with other organizations and individuals at home and abroad perform this project. Once done the project INLEN will announce information, and provide services to Vietnam business community.