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Humor skills of leadership

To lead effectively, in addition to communication skills, persuasion skills, negotiation skills to negotiate ... an indispensable skill to bring success is the skill of humor.

Humor is the skills of language use in situations which fit under the rules created laughter. Entrepreneurship skills training for more incisive tools to enhance leadership effectiveness, business managers, should not need to have the innate qualities which forge labored just as other skills.

The introduction by the amusing term to create an informal and open atmosphere. A witty remark; the simile, the comparison with the memorable images mix a little comedy; a joke in the right circumstances, the right audience, a facetious comment…are less difficult if you determined to learn and often applied that will be a skill.

Entrepreneurs are people who have many relationships in business relations with employees, customers, shareholders, partners, the media, colleagues in associations, authorities ... that was the public group of enterprises that have business in the process towards leadership and administration.

In these groups, business people only have the right to order employees. As with other subjects, to serve businesses, entrepreneurs have to exchange, persuasion, negotiation of views, opinions, products, their plans to create a mutual understanding or seek consensus on the benefits. However, for employees, leaders in business not always manage by orders!

The learning and application skills in job humor helps leaders connect heart to everyone in your company or in meetings, seminars, creating a fun atmosphere, friendly, convenient for exchange, persuasion; break the rigid shell, form, polite.

The humorous atmosphere for collective optimism, boosting productivity, foster trust, especially when businesses struggling. Superior sense of humor is often subordinate to love, to create a feeling of closeness, thereby easily inspire employees.

Funny and friendly atmosphere with customers, thus are more successful in communication, negotiation and bargaining. Making light of serious situations; Resolving a smart way inadvertent situations, confusion; skillfully neutralize unexpected situations, embarrassing, awkward; defuse the conflict...

When the leader of the movement itself of its bad habits, amusing with his own weaknesses or rumor about you will make people comfortable around, near; Automatically delete immediately thought of other people want to bring their bad habits as a joke! At the same time, people around do not even feel it difficult to comment with leading a movement something for themselves and demand attitude.

Skilled humor helps leaders increase the personal charisma, more convincing everyone around, and reduce stress, harmonize the nervous system, improve health, help life more vitality.

In addition to raising the efficiency of business leadership skills, humor also plays an important role in social relations and family. Humor helps entrepreneurs have more friends. With family, humor contribute to family life filled with laughter, happiness, the family members love each other more. Humor reduces the monotonous, boring, and trite, neutralize the anger in life partnership.

Recognizing the important role of humor, many companies, large corporations around the world are very interested in skills training for leaders of humor at all levels in the organization. The companies of the Fortune 500 list are attention to the skill of humor to his staff, see it as a tool to improve the efficiency of management and administration. According to some statistics, after all levels of management in corporate America to attend skills training courses humor, a short time later in labor productivity in enterprises increased by 15%.


Source: VEF


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