Sales Skills , Customer Care and Setting Distribution Channel

Many people believe that the sales don not need the skill, the innate gift with trade sales may be effective; this is only true in a certain aspect only. In fact in the completive market economy, diversified and extensive commodity products, trafficking today is not restricted within a geographic boundary at all, but taking into account globalization, most Vietnam enterprises to enter the large playground, products with high technological content, quality and professional service, then the sales skills training for sales personnel, and monitoring the sales area is a necessity. Ask if the company producing the goods but the goods have not been sold, why? But sales are outside want other elements, the elements salesperson equipped professional sales skills will help employees feel more confident to successfully implement its role and responsibilities contribute to the development the company's revenue, expand markets, gain market share... On the other hand where is the salesman going to sale? Not only is the business through sales staff to bring products to market with what price is, but also how to put the goods on the market? Thus the core content of product consumption activities are organized sales force and establish, manage distribution networks. These are important issues have a decisive role to the survival and development of enterprises.


This course is designed for those students who are salespeople, supervisors in charge of regional sales; sales management levels in business, the senior management level of the company Industry related to sales activities want attention


+ After this course students can:

+ Understand the concept of sales;

+ Understand what are customers?

+ Grasp and understand the process of communication and communication with the customer;

+Know and be aware of the basic tasks of the clerk;

+ Understand the knowledge and basic skills of sales staff;

+ Understand and grasp the product and specification of the product, and styles of products according to each type of product that you are selling;

+ Understand the steps in the sales communication to manipulate sales reached the highest efficiency;

+ Application of communication skills in the work to implement the internal customer and external customers;

+ Understand the principles of care and create customer loyalty;

+ Application of customer care skills;

+ Fully understand the distribution channels; the importance of a business must have distribution channels;

+ Knowing how to set up distribution channels so that the conditions applied in practice in their business in order to establish appropriate distribution channels;

+ Knowing how to manage effective distribution channel.


The course was conducted for 4 days.


+ What is selling? The basic knowledge of sales staff

+ Who are customers?

                  - Outside customers

                  - Internal Customers

                  - What are customers seeking any benefit?

                  - These factors accelerate the process of customer care.

+ Communication and communication processes with customers:

                 - The concept of communication

                 - Communication process

                 - Factors affecting the communication process

                 - Forms of communication

                 - Johari – Window Model

                 - Questioned Skills

                 - Active listening skills - pattern LACE

                - The process of communicating with customers

+ Basic tasks of salesman:

                - 10 basic duties of clerk

+ The knowledge and basic skills of sales staff:

                - Understanding of the product

                - Understanding the customer (11 common customer types and their behavior)

      - Understand the competitors (formula 5P)

                - Understanding of the company and rival companies

+ Product specification and style of the product

+ The steps in communicating sales reached the highest efficiency

     - Prepare customer exposure

                   + Prepare information

                   + Prepare for media

                   + Prepare plan

                   + Prepare physically and mentally

                - Contact with customers

                - Listening to customers, understanding customer needs

                - Presentation of products, convincing customers

                - Answer questions

                - End of the deal                              

                - Track and develop relationships with customers

+ Customer care

                - What is Customer Care?

                  + Forms Customer Care

                  + Customer Care Steps

                - Implement Customer Care

                  + These deficiencies in customer care

                  + Management for Customer Satisfaction

                  + Steps

                - Cultural Care

            + Extensive distribution channels

                - The importance of the distribution channels in the business

                - Definition channel

                - Distribution and strategic distribution channel management

                - The flow in the channel

            + The members of the distribution channel

                - The model of the distribution channel participants

                - Producers

                - The wholesale intermediary

                - Retail trade Intermediaries

                - The auxiliary organization

            + Establishing distribution channels

                 - Overview of distribution channels design

                 - Identify when enterprises must establish distribution channels

                 - Identify and coordinate with the distribution target

                 - Classification of the distribution

                 - Analysis of the variables affecting the structure of distribution channels

                 - Choose the best channel structure

                 - Selection of members of the distribution channel

            + Distribution channel management

                 - The nature of channel management

                 - Encourage the members of the active channel

- The teaching method:

INLEN used the trainees are learner-centered in order to maximize the positive and their initiative.

Interactive teaching methods: Students - Students - Lecturers, and is used to coordinate the methodology: presentation, development ideas, group discussions, role play activities, case studies, act, ask and answer of course.

After the course, participants will confidence to use their experience and skills which are equipped to change the perceptions and behaviors of learners in the workplace. Curriculum and teaching method of INLEN built towards solving the problem, aiming at the difficulties that students are meeting with to suggest and guide appropriate solution through self-discovery exercises, practical exercises and individual action plans.

The information of the course

Beginning day








4 days /24hours

4.640.000 VNĐ/course


Sat- Sun

8.30 am- 12 am

1.30 pm- 5 pm


- Tuition fees will be reduced by 5% applies when complete before opening day is 7 days.

- Fees will be reduced by 5% applies to students registered groups from 3 people or more.

- Students will not refund the fee paid, if the students have asked to move the course, please request in writing (fax, email, or letter) to INLEN before opening day at least 3 days.


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  • Customer Feedback
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      “Through the course, I understand later on production management and I completed better production functions ...”
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      “I learned how to identify risks in all activities of the organization, building a risk control flow ...”
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      “I have learned cost control methods to avoid wasting, wasting, minimizing all possible risks and planning ...”
    • Mr. Huynh Quoc Bao - Chief accountant 
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    • Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Vang - Marketing staff
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    • Mr. Tran Xuan Son
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    • Ms. Duong Thi Cam Tu - Tra Vinh Province