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Fair encouraging in administration of human resources

The senior management understand the importance of the expansion and development of human resources for the future of the business. In this process, the administrator as the captain, on a ship, but the staff is the crew. Just a few crew members were dissatisfied, the ship will have a problem, maybe even sunk between the mighty oceans.

The 15th Productivity Forum themed "Quality Productivity - Thinking and acting" (taking place in two days 28th – 29th Oct), Shojiro Hayashi speakers from Vietnam Productivity Center stated: "The balance development of the overall business basically dependent on human resources. That is the main resource of thinking function, capable or unlimited potential to best leverage other important resources. When using good resources, almost every problem will be solved, including the improvement of productivity and quality of business ".

According to Hayashi, through the development of a consistent human resources, quality of the business can constantly be improved and perfected, from which the development will follow the correct expectations of business owners.

Therefore, the consideration to mobilize human resources, particularly to maintain fair encouragement on a regular basis is an essential task of the corporate governance.

As a bridge to bring the desire of senior managers to the staff and vice versa, the role of the administrator level is also very important.

However, "encouraging fair" does not necessarily abide by the rules everyone is treated equally homogeneous. In some cases, will have the unique opportunity to be given to some people who are choosing to consolidate and develop their capacity.

This depends on the strategic perspective of administrators, but requires behavioral and logical explanation for the others are expected to achieve the same preferential treatment.

If fairness is explained satisfactorily, it will be encouraging forms for both are given the opportunity but also the potential ones have not been selected.

But he will have to endeavor to achieve higher results than expected initially to demonstrate the capacity for governance, thereby helping to improve productivity and quality for business.

Be fair in compensation

Another issue that needed fairness in personnel management wages and bonuses. The equality of salaries, bonuses will help stimulate the spirit of struggle of the workers, enabling them to demonstrate the whole capacity and raise their achievement.

The fair in wage is also reflected competitiveness. Must make all employees aware of the difference between the requirements for their competence and salary they get to have motivation.

In addition, the need to maintain the form of reward and promotion periodic salary for such business can maintain stability in personnel if any stagnant wages forever.

Strengthening dialogue

The principle of fairness is encouraging tolerance hold the similarities and differences in behavior between managers and employees. Anyway, administrators still have to worry strengthen and standardize staff to meet the evolving needs of business.

Therefore, they should always try to consider many different issues with forward-looking attitude and precedence given to those who have positive thoughts, have a serious motivation.

Finally, on the whole, "fair incentive" that encourages self-advocacy workers to be more mature, and thus much better than that business also stronger.

Therefore, business managers need to develop mutual trust throughout the organization, which is the most sensible way to strengthen information both vertically and horizontally, not deliberately withhold information (so as to conceal the more curious that the staff and spreading inaccurate information internally, causing incalculable harm).

To achieve this, the administrators and staff will be clearer mutual understanding and trust in each other as in the course of work. That is the source of good cooperation, to help businesses reach greater goals.


Source: Saigon Entrepreneur

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