In the 4.0 industrial age - the era of the knowledge economy, with the business philosophy “Understanding wins everything you have” - knowledge determines success rather than money and wealth. Nowadays, human resources is the most valuable asset for global businesses. That is why they always want to train a professional team to meet the sustainable development of their business. Businesses must sell their products/ services that the market needs, not these they have because this is the rule of the market. For a highly competitive economy, the financial strength is difficult to help your business succeed, but good services bring your business sustainable development.

Businesses are aware that their staffs are the most valuable asset and knowledge is essential, which gives their business a professional team of “Sales and customer services skills”. Dong Nai Tourist Joint Stock Company partnered with INLEN Consulting Company to organize the training course “Sales and customer services skills” for the whole at Dong Nai Hotel - subordinate units of Dong Nai Tourist Joint Stock Company.

Life is increasingly modern, so human needs are also higher. On the market, there are many competitors in the same field. If customers are not satisfied with the products/ services of your business, it is very easy to understand that they will seek others. Persuading customers to use the products/ services of your business is not enough, you really succeed when they become your loyal customers. Service attitude is the key to success - emotional values affect brand loyalty.

Positioning the products/ services on the market is the concern of most businesses. Positioning is one of the key elements of a business strategy. It is not just a nice name, a brand or a powerful sales team. Moreover, positioning is not just the right place and the right time because it focuses on the goal of building rapport with the target market and image of the business in the mind of current and prospective customers.

To position the products/ services of your business on the market, you need a professional team - the most valuable asset of the business. This team must be fully equipped with knowledge to dedicate to the common goal of their business. “Sales and customer services skills”  is one of the most momentous knowledge that all service staffs must equip themselves, “Customer will forget what you said, customer will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel” - Maya Angelou – American poet.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu. At work, people will start from simple to complex. "On the way to success, there is no full of roses" and a shortcut. A solid background of knowledge helps your business succeed and “Sales and customer services skills”  is essential for service staffs. Your steps must be sure as the substructure. If it is not solid, the house will easily collapse when there are storms.

Nowadays, customers are very interested in the intangible value of products/ services, “Do what do you so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends”, Walt Disney - The Walt Disney Company. This is one of the secrets of success for your business.

Here are some photos of the training course:

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  • Customer Feedback
      “After attending this training course, I expand my knowledge of warehouse management, improve professional ...”
    • Ms. Pham Thi Phung Ngoc - Production leader of Chuong Duong Beverage Joint Stock Company
      “I understand the basic structure of salary 3Ps and the application of wage structure 3Ps will motivate ...”
    • Mr. Nguyen The Quoc Dat – Workshop Foreman of Tra Bac Joint Stock Company
      “Through the course, I have a professional working style of a teller and applying of sales professional ...”
    • Ms. Le Thi Thanh Thao – Teller of Khanh Hoa Electric Power Joint Stock Company
      “Through the course, I understand later on production management and I completed better production functions ...”
    • Ms. Nguyen Thi Yen Oanh – Staff of Quang Phu Garment Joint Stock Company
      “I have learned time formulas, the relationship between productivity and quality, productivity calculations, ...”
    • Ms. Vu Thi Kim Anh - Head of HR administration
      “I learned how to identify risks in all activities of the organization, building a risk control flow ...”
    • Ms. Nhan Huc Quan - General director
      “I have learned cost control methods to avoid wasting, wasting, minimizing all possible risks and planning ...”
    • Mr. Huynh Quoc Bao - Chief accountant 
      “Through the training course I have learned a lot of knowledge about the market, market research, understanding ...”
    • Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Vang - Marketing staff
      “Through training courses I have more fundamental knowledge about marketing, in order to build a sales ...”
    • Mr. Tran Xuan Son
      “Over the course I learned these skills:   Sales skills; Manners for 11 client types; How ...”
    • Ms. Duong Thi Cam Tu - Tra Vinh Province