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Integration conference "Issues management core business for Vietnam" - Vietnam brand and core issues to join the WTO


Mr. Van Duc Muoi

 Deputy Director of VISSAN

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Joining the WTO is inevitable path and also the wishes of the developing countries, we will be integrating a common market with 98% larger capacity of the global business, a common market with the meaning of soft border, of more than 150 countries with many cultural differences, competitiveness and economic situation of different history. The WTO playground express the explicitness and equality, however, whether the justice has actually come with us right from the early stages or not that depends on the conditions of preparation and have their own before integration.

In the topic "Integration - The core management issues of Vietnam enterprises" organized by the company INLEN Company. Today, as a business involved I would be content: Brand Vietnam and the core issue of WTO accession.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our country is a developing country with many opportunities and challenges, we also acknowledged that our country is one of the highest GDP growth rates in the ASIA region. That just is the rate and speed only, please look back at the mass of our achieved even at very low levels (for example, Vietnam's total exports in 2005 is 13 billion / total exports of the world's 9,000 billion) to see that our opportunity is wide open for the great challenges and have the almost instantaneous effect after including the effective integration and consequences.

Potential is opportunities but challenges and the risk is real.

Now I would like to mention the risk to the Vietnam trademark in the WTO accession process.

  1. Risks
    1. Firstly, it is the foundation of Vietnam enterprise, we still do not have a team with full trained entrepreneurs, professional and not really suitable for competitive Global economies. Current status of the machine structure is massive and enterprise takes on the structure of the economy focused, comprehensive reform is not complete and that the application of knowledge-based advisory programs on structural or restructuring of the apparatus is slow, even as that seem to strange to existing businesses.
    2. Second, the successor to the field related to the first problem is that human resources in Vietnam now still wobbly. Not only do we lack qualified staff management skills and the training of new personnel, the lack of environmental, applications sometimes lack practical machinery for making efficient management brought low, sometimes as defender results.
    3. Third, despite our market had the good development in the Vietnamese high – quality brand program – the a strong initial program from the local level up to now we have had a strong force at national level, we have found that psychological use of foreign goods market is very strong. The gap about our quality is uneven and compared with similar products of multinational corporations (we do not have any group). From there we need much more effort in the non-production sphere.
    4. Fourth, policy and law system has not kept pace economic growth shows a lack of synchronization of the system, the policies do not really stick to the socio-economic effectiveness is not high. In this respect the WTO accession has also made changes we have enough strong and that's specified investment law and corporate law from 01st July, 2006 applied to this, this is a fairly rapid strides the preparation.
    5. Fifth, there is tremendous power to multinational corporations with total revenue compared to many times with my country, this power is sometimes imposed not only in the field of supply merchandise that may affect cultural and consumer lifestyle.

These are factors that, in our judgment, the eve of businesses integration, I suppose; we are losing the ability to balance the potential and the challenges as well as enormous threat. Certainly, and as originally asserted WTO accession is inevitable does not allow us pessimistic and laments that must solve optimization conditions have to turn our potential into reality, so how to response? Must have a right mind to develop the brand and to have a fully comprehensive knowledge to wisely optimal development, protection and development of their ones with the modern reach of global economy.

  1. The core problem of thinking and methods to preserve and branding related to restructuring of the apparatus and manpower.

We already know that if in 2006 we joined the WTO, we will be the 151 member. In the global context that the concept of soft borders which are market multinational border on goods and culture. Operation of businesses is not only Vietnam, border of our operations will be extended to such large, our brand (Vissan is recognized as one of the strongest brands) will fit entirely into that vast frontier so what should we do to have the international brand that is not just our own but also of the Ho Chi Minh city or the wider connections it is the property of the state, that also is a pride of our own but also to be catalysts for our team moving forward, for other brands emerged as the our team are Vinamilk, Kinh Do and now it is Pho 24, or Trung Nguyen, G7 (please allow me just say brand copper industry alone).

It is confirmed that competition, enhance competitiveness promoted brand is vital of Enterprise is vital Enterprise, is the basic method to bridge the gap between those who joined after the WTO to achieve real justice , catch up with the developed countries. A inevitable evidence on the global market segment with developments through the value chain:

- Research and development - intellectual property

- Produce

- Branding and development.

In that segment, the beginning and end of the segment are holding by powerful country, it creates high added value, thus the developed countries have transferred difficult segmentation for developing countries. This is almost no way to go backwards, it always flows from rich countries to poor, not the other way. If we do not clarify it, to choose their own direction, the distance ever further, to think that they're going, we to run after to keep up with.

With the unequal fight that stated above, we must be aware that the competition comprehensively not just a simple matter that would have to mobilize resources from the culture economy to nationalistic of both a community so we will get the balance. If you want to achieve this, Vietnamese consumer must be the solid rear for Vietnam businesses and the knowledge people of the consulting company also take part.

Therefore, it’s clear that branding matter is not in a small scope stature of business, then we must recognize that it is the business community, all branches of any business, of all consumers and we could said that is also all nation. From that acknowledge and risks mentioned above we have the basis for a unified knowledge  orientation to building the brand and in the global economy, we must know to locate our own conditions to find the most dominant tool, refined to satisfy the most delicate operation for development and flow of the global market, catch up with the development of the single market in the world, my own with my thought  market knowledge gained from the underdeveloped country build the development & through their history to collate and find in the treasure of Viet Nam development tradition, I found that we should run to catch up with the developed country although we are knowing that running isn’t steady instead of walking but we must attempt to close the gap and that we should apply what they inherited was passing. That is a comprehensive scientific cognitive about applying the consulting services in the core sector for business settlement. I mean the problem for consultant trained building management system or restructuring and restructuring-related enterprise issues mentioned and related to the above-mentioned threats, field I suppose it is the weakest segment of the Enterprise Vietnam we have, to solve this problem it is key for us to open the door to go to the WTO with confidence and development.

Due to the limited time, I would like to present these thoughts with my range of knowledge contributes to the conference today.

Please respectfully thank you for listening. Thank you!

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