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Responsibilities of the government and the internal resources of the enterprise


Responsibilities of the Government and the internal resources of the enterprise

Mr. Nguyen Luong Thinh

Construction advice Expert of BMCo Company

One of the big questions of me and my friend when we was young in high school, when looking at the geography of Vietnam and China on the world map, which is why our ancestors and China's neighbors, standing opposite the millennia with the Pacific Ocean, but did not launch and develop marine economy, marine defense, maritime literature ...

Those battles immortalized in military history Vietnam and China only occur in plains, rivers and mountains as Xich Bich, Bach Dang, Dien Bien Phu… When we mentioned the Tho Duong that was remembered the image of mist on the river, the yellow full moon by the stream, have not seen the shadow boat and sea of Xuan Quynh. Probably little inferiority complex in the face of individual marine community in forming impact seclusion policy of the two imperial feudal Vietnam and China in the 19th century?

Through the second half of the 20th century, as a common destiny for the two countries in the same boat, with the doctrine of command economy with all the iron will and determination, Vietnam and China continue "close protection together ", separated from the economy of the world market. Entering the final decades of the 20th century, advocated innovation, cooperation and development inclusion forming appropriate mechanisms, activation of the nuclear market economy. And now, after twenty years of innovation, the Government of Vietnam has met the conditions of the partners concerned to open the last barrier for Vietnam economy connected to the world. The process of implementation of the relations must have appropriate steps to achieve interoperability as an astronaut's body, from environmental non-gravitational force shield to natural life.

Towards the State:

It is essential to focus on perfecting the market economy in line with international practice, including the fields of legal system and management standards, Entrepreneur Enterprises force and goods market.

The state civil servant system as traffic police team on the flow of vehicles. The negative impact of the civil servants are not enough to paralyze the operation of the system, but the ability to generate additional fuel costs, causing stress to the driver, reduces the levels of goods and scandalous bad route is quantified and risk another transit lanes are real.

Artist Thanh Bach has had 1 skits about the harassment: He asks: Do you know the price of land in District 1, District 3? - It depends on the career of the Landowners - Why the price of land again depending on the owner's occupation? Oh, really, for example: A police traffic land area of two feet on the street where he had many, but the daily income on big 1m2.

With the will and the capacity of the National Assembly and the Government, we can perfect the market economic institutions possible matching standards and international practices, but hard work well with a team of capable civil servants moral force and poor. Need radical mechanism training, recruitment, assignment and employment, duties and rights of civil servants ... the tax service, customs, market management, traffic police...

Toward the enterprise

Vietnam enterprises have no other way is to form and develop a global mindset, the initiative in cultural exchanges, exchange of management knowledge, build the cooperation style and integration with the business community and the world's enterprise ..

Mr. Nguyen Tri Dung has said: Entrepreneur Vietnam itself is very good, but the development link is very weak. No form of business culture.

In the context of the market is no longer confined within national boundaries, any product, whether small value, if achieved international standards of quality, ecology, all exchange, export. There is always a market somewhere waiting on this world. Due to lack of linkage, no beliefs, no spirit of cooperation resulting in customer wresting moves by unfair competition, dumping, poor quality, general discrediting.

The trader had high national consciousness will likely ethnic mobilization of internal resources, promote efficient for enrich themselves, association and the nation.

An advertisement is incompatible with local culture will create harmful effects.

Relative production advantages between countries is changing. Previously relative advantages of each region, each country, will be the initial nucleus to form an industry. Cheap labor will be an attractive place of a process of industrial products. But the development of production technology, management skills are diminishing the advantages of natural resources and labor costs. New sources of added value in product sales - service is implicit in production technology and governance.

Business development requires highly day after day on size organization, knowledge of corporate governance.

There are values that cannot be formed without the time factor: It is the ability to form strategic planning from grade school knowledge, professional experience and passion for the job, ambitious of career development par with the requirements of social development.

The state should encourage enterprises to build brand promotion strategy as a long-term investment projects and to depreciate the investment capital recovery.

A brand of regional stature will not only be owned by an individual or an organization that is the pride of a locality, a country.

Respect for ethics and social responsibility will bring mutual benefit to employees, customers, partners and community.

Investment resources are available around the well project, it is important to connect prestige of resources. Vietnam experienced many ups and downs and changes and are gradually integrating with the world economy, which is undergoing rapid change and more profound. Development standpoint is to combine short-term goals and long-term strategic vision, balance between profit targets and business ethics. In football, the game's outcome with winners and losers, the winner +1 loser - 1. The business philosophy of the present age is: cooperation will bring benefits for all partners, many or less depending on the enthusiasm of cooperation that is comprehensive or partial.

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