Profile capacity crystallized from the values and spirit of the elements: "The mission, values, vision, strategy and desire to contribute of INLEN for the purpose of efficient,  development and sustainability of business community.

Capacity of INLEN is expressed through knowledge, skills, attitudes and experiences of career of professionals, faculty and staffs ... we dedicated to meet the needs and truly interests for clients through consulting projects and applications training and INLEN has been recognized and respected by the business community all the way in the past.

To meet the needs of businesses and organizations, Inlen diverse knowledge services, forming chains of services which are linked to each other, to increase the capacity for businesses and organizations in process of integration with the global knowledge economy. The knowledge chain services including:

-       Consulting;

-       Training;

-       Establish management systems using information technology;

-       Research- publish the book of business;

-       Seminar- event of business learning;

-       Recruitment and provide the human resources.