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The first image you see in the picture will reveal the biggest problem you are facing

Understanding your problem will help you find a solution to solve the problem faster.

Sometimes we don't recognize our problems sometimes. Life is so complicated that you get caught up in it and see everything is inaccurate.

Look at the picture and choose the image you see first, the answer will help you find out what the core problem you're having is. You see the first: two faces or trees.


Two faces


You are feeling things are out of your control. You cannot think clearly and cannot keep calm before everything is happening. Things get worse and worse and you don't know where to start solving. You know that you have to be brave and can't run away, but everything is really exhausting. Give me a break to calm down, then solve each thing, one by one.

A tree


You are feeling things are stalled. You don't know what you should do to break this mess. You are afraid to step out of your own safety circle, afraid to innovate yourself. However, we cannot stop at one point. Running away only makes things worse and worse. You have to choose, sacrifice some things, change some relationships and end things that are hindering you to fulfill your passion.

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  • Customer Feedback
      “After attending this training course, I expand my knowledge of warehouse management, improve professional ...”
    • Ms. Pham Thi Phung Ngoc - Production leader of Chuong Duong Beverage Joint Stock Company
      “I understand the basic structure of salary 3Ps and the application of wage structure 3Ps will motivate ...”
    • Mr. Nguyen The Quoc Dat – Workshop Foreman of Tra Bac Joint Stock Company
      “Through the course, I have a professional working style of a teller and applying of sales professional ...”
    • Ms. Le Thi Thanh Thao – Teller of Khanh Hoa Electric Power Joint Stock Company
      “Through the course, I understand later on production management and I completed better production functions ...”
    • Ms. Nguyen Thi Yen Oanh – Staff of Quang Phu Garment Joint Stock Company
      “I have learned time formulas, the relationship between productivity and quality, productivity calculations, ...”
    • Ms. Vu Thi Kim Anh - Head of HR administration
      “I learned how to identify risks in all activities of the organization, building a risk control flow ...”
    • Ms. Nhan Huc Quan - General director
      “I have learned cost control methods to avoid wasting, wasting, minimizing all possible risks and planning ...”
    • Mr. Huynh Quoc Bao - Chief accountant 
      “Through the training course I have learned a lot of knowledge about the market, market research, understanding ...”
    • Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Vang - Marketing staff
      “Through training courses I have more fundamental knowledge about marketing, in order to build a sales ...”
    • Mr. Tran Xuan Son
      “Over the course I learned these skills:   Sales skills; Manners for 11 client types; How ...”
    • Ms. Duong Thi Cam Tu - Tra Vinh Province