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Two seas

Giving away is getting back


There are two lakes on the Palestinian side. The first lake is called the Dead Sea. As its name suggests, there is no life inside or around this lake. There is no fish in the lake that can survive, but people who drink are also sick. No one wants to live nearby. The second sea is Galilee. This is the lake that attracts the most tourists. This is the lake that attracts the most tourists. Water in the lake is always green, people can drink it and fish can live. Many houses were built here. The garden here is good thanks to this water source.

But the strange thing is that both of these lakes are receiving water from the Jordan River. The waters of the Jordan River flow into the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea received and kept it for himself without sharing, so the water in the Dead Sea became salty. The lake of Galilee also receives water from the Jordan River and from there flows through small lakes and rivers, so the water in the lake is always clean and brings life to trees, animals and people.

A theorem in life that everyone agrees: A share of fire is a spreading fire. A business currency is a lucrative currency. The lips that were half-opened only received a smile. The hands are open and giving, the new soul is filled with joy.

It is unfortunate for anyone all his life to just keep to himself. "Life" in them also died slowly like water in the Dead Sea!

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