Along with the development of the market economy, state-owned conglomerates also have to innovate in line with the general trend, in which corporations have to break the monopoly like VNPT. They must improve the quality of customer service to compete with other competitors in the market.

INLEN has cooperated with Ho Chi Minh City Telephone Company (WHTC) - Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) to implement the project "Customer service quality assessment of Tellers Transaction places" in accordance with the standards of customer service standards of Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT).

The project includes:

  • Surveying, analyzing and assessing the whole quality of customer service of the transactors in accordance with the quality standards of customer service of Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group.
  • Propose solutions to continuously improve the effective implementation of VNPT's standards of customer service to the system of traders to compete with competitors in the process of WTO integration.
  • Throughout the project, employees recognize the importance of managers for the importance of quality customer service, and they will feel the meaning of what they do.
  • At the same time, INLEN will organize training courses for all employees to have consistent thinking, customer service, thinking in dealing with customers. Customer care staff need to be aware of the customer service mindset, because once they have the mind, subjective factors come from the individual is not the reason for them to behave erratically with the customer.

Because a brand wants to exist, the market is developed by the customer. The company's products are also positioned a major part from customer service. And customer care workers are the ones who interact with the direct customer, they are called "brand ambassadors" because of the brand's image expressed through their words of voice. Regardless of the company's investment in advertising, media money, attractive, but once the customer interaction is not satisfied, no matter how good the product quality is, the customer will also give up.



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