The story of KPI


Every day small ants are working very early and get to work immediately, paying work very well and are always happy. The boss of him is lion was surprised to see the ant worked without supervision. The lion thinks that the ant could did the work best without supervision so he will work well than before if he was monitored.

So the lion boss hired a cockroach which has extensive experience in monitoring and is well-known for good writing report skill.

After being hired first decision of cockroaches is mounting a wall clock to monitor the work on time.

Cockroach also need a secretary to replace it written notes or reports, and therefore it hired a spider just to manage reports and receive calls.

Lions are very pleased about the reports of cockroach and asked to do additional tracking chart output and market trend analysis, so that it can be presented at the meeting of Management Board.

Therefore Cockroach buy a new computer and a laser print and then rent a fly to manage the IT department.

Now go back to the location of the Ant, Ant previously worked very hard but now he feels uncomfortable because of the paperwork and meetings useless wasting his time.


Lion came to the conclusion that having to send someone to manage whole department that ant are working. And this position is given immediately to the cicada. After that Cicada makes the decision to buy a beautiful rug and a chair was soft for its office. And the Cicada manager also need a personal secretary, which is its old secretary who helped plan it prepared optimize control strategies and business funds.

Ants working office suddenly became a place of sadness, no one laughs and everyone became worried upset ... So cicada convinced Lion general manager, about the need to make a thorough study of the work environment here.

After reviewing the financial statements in the office where ants are working, Leo discovered the yield was much lower than before.

Therefore the lion hired Owl, Owl is a renowned consultant and prestige, to conduct an investigation and provide necessary solutions. Owl spent three months to research and the conclusion: "This office has too many employees".


Who will be fired?

Through individual stories will also experience the problem arises: what initiatives can help ant is not leave the company or how can they do to fix the system administrator?



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