INLEN Company is the professional organization. We specialized in providing the services: Management consulting- Set the management system by information technology, Business training Research – Publish the business book, Seminar – Business event, Recruitment provides the leading personnel in Vietnam.

To implement the consulting project of management; especially we specialized in the project of personnel management to bring great success to the large economic groups of Vietnam today.

The INLEN Company has used 02 works of PhD/ MBA. Phan Ngoc Thanh - the author is a founding member of the INLEN Company, which belongs to the intellectual property rights of the Company INLEN, were: (1) The original of the English version "A Model of Human Resource Development and Management: Towards Effective Implementation - 5 chapters, 251 pages "; (2) "Management system, human resources development and integrated technology method DIR + OS + 3Psil - 8 chapters, 474 pages" to training the approach, product design, transfers, guides in actual operation for business community in Vietnam.

This is the work of various scientific works. These works, which are the ornate studies both in academical and practical, have been researched for many years by PhD. Phan Ngoc Thanh.

Through years of work and scientific research, he has extensive experience in the field of consulting and training management systems for Vietnam business community, and he was directly the director of the business consultant project for the big economic groups of Vietnam. PhD.Phan Ngoc Thanh was explored and released the works " A Model of Human Resource Development and Management: Towards Effective Implementation called DIR + OS + 3Ps), and simultaneous to implement the model of management and development in the efficiency way in the business, PhD.Phan Ngoc Thanh has shaped the methods and technologies for integrated models, called " Management system, human resources development and integrated technology method DIR + OS + 3Psil ". This is the method and a complete tool to serve the increasingly extensive management process and application for the Vietnam business community, as well as theorists, researchers of INLEN Company.

DIR + OS + 3Psil model are integrated with 5 components:


-  The first: to orient organization/ enterprise (including: Vision, Mission, Core values, Strategy – signed: DIR);

-  The second: to build the professional Organization structure – signed: OS;

-  The third: to evaluate the job position which called Position – P1;

-  The fourth: to evaluate the personal performance which called Personal – P3;

-  The fifth: to evaluate the job performance which called Performance – P2;

-  The word “s” is the plural of 3P integrated- signed: 3Ps;

- The word “il” is the sort of INLEN- The company name which is the owner of the copy right and intellectual property

1. In terms of academy:

  • The integrated methods are the modern management a tool which is integrates based on the differently modern principles and theory with very high efficiency practices.
  • Methods and integrated technology DIR + OS + 3Psil is a scientific study of PhD. Phan Ngoc Thanh which was held a seminar at IICAcademicCenter - Las Vegas - United States was published in the US scientific research and has been certified (copyright) of the IICCenter - USA.
  • Methods and integrated technology DIR + OS + 3Psil is a scientific research reached PhD competition-examinations by the Council OD from the University of TSU - Hong Kong approved and certified (copyright).
  • Methods and integrated technology DIR + OS + 3Psil was issued the copyright certificate for PhD. Phan Ngoc Thanh by Vietnam copyrights Departments certification and INLEN Company is under the owner of that methods and integrated technology DIR + OS + 3Psil.

2. In terms of practical applications

  • The integrated approach "DIR + OS + 3Psil" has successfully consulted for the typical large enterprise in the country and abroad as: Ho Chi Minh City Posts and Telecommunications- Viet Nam Posts and Telecommunications Group, Binh Duong Posts and Telecommunications- Viet Nam Posts and Telecommunications Group, Binh Dinh Posts and Telecommunications- Viet Nam Posts and Telecommunications Group, Viet NamTin Nghia Commercial Joint Stock Bank, Phong Phu Corporation, Vietnam Textile and Garment Group (Vinatex), JSC Textiles Orient under Vietnam Textile and Garment Group (Vinatex); JSC Electrical Engineering Central - Vietnam Electricity (EVN); Corporation Textiles Nha Trang - Phong Phu Corporation, VISSAN Company, Dong Nai Tourist JSC, Tan Hiep Phat Group; Food Corporation International (INTERFOOD), JSC Hung Hau Development; JSC Nha Be Water Supply under the General Water Supply Company (SAWACO) ...
  • Model of human resources development and management; methods and integrated technology DIR + OS + 3Psil which is presently rolled out, not only to carry out for Vietnam enterprises community; but also advises agencies and departments under the authority of the State sector.

These works have been compiled meticulously practical applicability, is an important guide for experts, consultants in the field of business management, including the fields of State management agencies, is practical document for business owners, business managers, operations personnel at enterprises and state management agencies.

This document is copyrighted by Phan Ngoc Thanh author and owner of the INLEN Company. Only circulated within the INLEN Company, in order to the professionals and the consultants of the INLEN Company apply to the business community in Vietnam, as well as customer and partner of company had consulted. INLEN unpublished works in the market. (To prohibit reproduction in any from printing).

However, at present these organizations and individuals are copied, cooking, scaling process in order to advise the Vietnam business community which has many different name such as: 3P salary or effective wage model… That infringed the intellectual property of the current Vietnam law, infringement of copyright, and the legitimate interests of the work sovereignty of INLEN Company.

Therefore, through the message "Copyright Intelligence - Innovation - Efficiency", Our company wishes to have the root of cooperation with Vietnam enterprises community and the Agency, the administrative sector – the career belongs to civil authority of applying a Human Resources Development and Management model: towards the successful implementation by the senior consultant of the Inlen company when you have the demand.

Through collaboration with the INLEN Company, you can be exchanges, meets and shares directly with PhD. Phan Ngoc Thanh, a senior expert on management consulting and training, the author who explores the fully effective human resources development model.


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