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5 business books must be owned if you want to succeed

Trong chúng ta, đã có bao nhiêu người trẻ từng nằm dài trên sofa với chiếc điện thoại và mạng xã hội, rồi để cuộc đời trôi qua một cách vô nghĩa? Có bao nhiêu ngày tháng các bạn đã sống mà chưa tìm kiếm được con đường cho mình? Với bài viết dưới đây, hy vọng các bạn độc giả sẽ tự tìm thấy chính mình và lối đi riêng của mỗi người, thông qua top 5 cuốn sách “must try” cho việc đọc sách kinh doanh.

1. “Good to great” – Why do some companies do it and others not by Jim Collins

“Good to great” - Jim Collins is a classic business management book, one of the 20 most influential works in the world in terms of governance over the past 20 years, voted by Forbes Magazine. The book offers a model to turn a company that is just normal, or at a good level, into a great company. By applying disciplined people, disciplined thinking and disciplinary action a company can build and create breakthroughs and break barriers that prevent it from being great. Author Jim Collins and his colleagues have done research over the years between great companies and counterbalance companies to find those factors. He opens the book with a challenging statement:"Good is the enemy of Great". And that's one of the main reasons why there are so few great things. Great because we have good schools, we don't have great governments because we have good governments, very few people live a great life, because people accept a life. The majority of companies never become great because the majority have become quite good, and this is a big problem for companies.

In this book, Jim Collins points out the main difference between businesses that have long-term success and those that are merely good businesses. Good is not enough, if you want your business to not only be successful but also maintain profits for a long time, you should read this book.



2. “ The 7 habits of highly effective teens” - Stephen Covey

This book is widely regarded as one of the classic economic books still popular today.

Covey chopped the theory into clever little stories so readers could understand the content in the most obvious way.

The book explains your attitude and behavior to achieve success in life. First you work with the habits inside you, and then you work with the habits that involve your interaction with others. By developing each habit, in the order he suggests, you can make a big difference in your life. Through the advice and sharing of the author will teach you the habits to work effectively in your work as well as in daily life, from the smallest things. The author emphasizes the importance of balancing in life and creating working principles for his individual.

7 habits mentioned by him include: Being proactive, starting with the end of thinking, thinking to always win, being the first to seek understanding and understanding, cooperation, and honing public tools (refresh yourself).



3. "Rework"

"Difference to breakout" is actually a different economic book when it comes to business issues like "Less is good" or "Meetings are poisonous".

It is because of this that "Difference to Breakout" is not only a book that teaches readers about business "tricks" but also helps many people locate themselves in business whether they want to do business or not.

Not putting big issues like economic corporations, nor putting stereotypical, rigid, "Difference to Breakout" economic principles to inspire readers to live, to work, to break from the boring things around and proud of what I have done.



4. “The Emyth" - Michael E.Gerber

This business book gives you 4 profound ideas that, if understood, you will have more knowledge and power to create a small business that grows sustainably.

If you ignore it, you will be like thousands of people who invest their effort, money and life to start a business but still fail, or struggle to struggle just to maintain the existence of trouble for their businesses. me

"To build an effective business" - Gerber points to the fact that most small business owners come from professionals: engineers, programmers, accountants ... they do a good job. subjects, so they believe that if they set up their own business, they will have the opportunity to do their favorite jobs and earn more money.

But when starting a business, professionals tend to continue to do what they are good at and ignore other important elements of business. Lack of goals should overload, burn out and eventually go bankrupt. Instead of owning a business, they only own work.



5. “Working 4 hours a week” - Timothy Ferriss

“Working 4 hours a week” will show you what your thoughts and goals are. You need to change so that you can both enjoy your life and complete your work well.

In this book, Timothy Ferress will show us: How to get a completely free lifestyle of a millionaire without having 1 million dollars?

Just a simple answer, you should know how to separate your income from time to time and create your ideal lifestyle, travel around the world and enjoy the most interesting things on the planet.

And Tim also shows you how to work 14 hours a day and earn $ 40,000 / year to work 4 hours / week and make $ 40,000 / month?

If you want to escape the fierce survival struggle, this is a book worth reading.

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